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“There is no more important challenge anyone can take on than to serve our community to ensure that our students have the best education possible.”

- Dr. Perry Lee



Dr. Lee stated that he has two top priorities as a Board of Education member. One is the relationship between Lake Oconee Academy and the Greene County School System. When speaking about this priority Dr. Lee remarked, “I want to make sure that there is greater collaboration between Lake Oconee Academy and the Greene County School System.  When we work together sharing best practices, we can greatly improve the results for every child in Greene County.”

Dr. Lee’s other top priority is raising test scores throughout the system. According to Dr. Lee, the Greene County School System results show there is still much work to be done. We must continue to strive to find answers to how to best help students reach their potential and increase their opportunity for success.  Where new initiatives are being implemented, the results are progressively positive. The focus must continue to be on literacy, staff retention, support, and development, helping at-risk students, and individualized instruction.  


"I truly believe that our energy, our time, and our resources as a community are well-spent if we are striving every day to achieve excellence in education in every school and for every student."

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Meet Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry with a Doctor of Optometry degree in 1996. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Studies from the University of Alabama in 1992. He has practiced at Lake Oconee Eye Care since July 2002. Prior to that, he had a group practice in Milledgeville, GA from 1999-2008. He has also practiced at Family Eye Care and United Eye Care of Georgia.

Perry and his wife, Susan, have been married for over 20 years. They have two beautiful daughters, Olivia (17) and Avery (11). The family resides in Greensboro and are members of Lake Oconee Church.  The Lees support many charities including Atlas Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, Pete Nance Boys and Girls Club, The Plaza Arts Society, The LOA Foundation, and Gatewood Schools Foundation to name a few. They are also members of the Greene County Chamber of Commerce and have agreed to be a business partner with the new College and Career Academy.



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