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Dr. Lee wants to improve Greene County's school system to become the best in the state while keeping the millage rate one of the lowest. He applauded the BOE's work in this area: "The Greene County Board of Education set the stage for this by implementing strong accounting guidelines and practices that we will continue to follow to be wise stewards of the taxpayers' money."


"I am running for Chairman of the Greene County School Board to elevate our performance to the best school system in Georgia. I have the drive, determination, and leadership skill set to communicate the vision clearly and effectively to every person in Greene County to make this happen," Lee said.

School Bus & Children

Greene County Board of Education Finances

- GCSS received the GDAA Excellence in Financial Reporting award for six consecutive
- The BOE passed a rollback millage rate this year for the fifth consecutive year.
- The Greene County school system budget is set before State tax receipts are known. The
budget is then adjusted to reflect actual receipts which are often higher than estimated.
- The BOE operates with a balanced budget


The Greene County Board of Education prides itself on transparency!

- Please feel free to email Emily at or you can call me on my cell at


- Would you like to hear all about the great things going on in our school system? Visit us
- Did you know the last 15 minutes of our BOE meetings are for us to hear directly from? Please come out and visit us!
- Would you like to know more about our strategic plan? Visit us at
( and click ABOUT, District Plans, and School Plans.
- Parent engagement is very important to the board of education. We have a dedicated
staff person in charge of increasing this engagement. Our meetings at schools often have over 100 parents attend!

Our New Elementary School

Making sure Greene County Children have access to the best education is our priority. A big
part of this is making sure we have the space and facilities to educate our leaders of tomorrow!
Some have asked us why there is a need for a new school. Please check out the facts below!


- Greene County does not have a building large enough to house all of the elementary school students.
- It is a fact that children learn better when they are TOGETHER!
- When the school opens it will be able to accommodate a projected 900 students. The school will have the infrastructure to expand over time to accommodate 1,800
- There is no other building that has the size needed to accommodate all the students. An equivalent amount would have had to be spent renovating the existing Union Point
school building, the result of which would have still been an old building with out-of-date infrastructure that is costly to maintain.
- The ride to school for students from our rural areas will be shorter to this school and our Union Point students will have about a 15 minute commute.

 “Ensuring our students have the best education possible is the most important challenge we can tackle."


Meet Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry with a Doctor of Optometry degree in 1996. He received a Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies from the University of Alabama in 1992. Dr. Lee has practiced at Lake Oconee Eye Care since July 2002. Before that, he had a group practice in Milledgeville, GA, from 1999-2008. He has also practiced at Family Eye Care and United Eye Care of Georgia.


Perry and his wife, Susan, have been married for over 20 years. They have two daughters, Olivia (21) and Avery (15). The family resides in Greensboro and are members of Lake Oconee Church. The Lees support many charities, including Atlas Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, Pete Nance Boys and Girls Club, The Plaza Arts Society, The LOA Foundation, and Gatewood Schools Foundation, to name a few. They are also Greene County Chamber of Commerce members and have agreed to be business partners with the new College and Career Academy.



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